All Ages Alliance

Welcome to the All Ages Alliance, led by Scarab59! A few quick notes for members:

General Notes

All Ages is a friendly alliance where everyone helps each other out. The only rule is we do ask that you be able to read and write English, to allow communication. Your English need not be perfect, as long as you can talk with the rest of the team. We also ask that you stay somewhat active — players who remain inactive for long periods may be kicked from the alliance. If you know you're going to be inactive for a while, please let us know, and Opt Out of wars until you return.


All Ages fights frequent wars. The loot received from wars can be collected up to thirty days after the war ends, making frequent wars an excellent way to collect large stashes of resources that cannot be stolen by other players. All Ages wins the majority of its wars by carefully managing our alliance levels, good coordination, and by assisting each other with troops. As such, if you are given in-game guidance from a Colonel that contradicts any of the below, listen to the Colonel.

All players are expected to assign Strike Forces to their defenses. Only the highest level players will reinforce bases - high level reinforcements are significantly stronger than low level reinforcements, so please do not reinforce bases unless you are one of the highest level players in the alliance. All players should request offensive reinforcements prior to attacking opponents in a war.

Each player will be assigned an opponent. It is expected your first attack will be against that opponent, unless your opponent is significantly higher or lower than you in level. Do not attack an opponent you don't think you can beat! In this case, seek guidance from a Colonel. Most likely you will be asked to attack an opponent closer to your own level, with another player being assigned your opponent.

Generally players may use their second attack against any opponent who is within two levels of their own. If your schedule allows for it. it is often helpful to wait on the second attack until we can see how the war is shaping, and thus coordinate second attacks for maximum advantage. However, if you know you won't be online before the war ends, use your best judgement to avoid losing the attack. If in doubt, seek guidance from a Colonel.

Open House is normally called seven hours before the war ends. Under some circumstances it may be called earlier. During Open House, you may attack any remaining opponents regardless of level. Use your best judgement and try to take out the highest level opponent that you're confident you can score three flags from.

Resource Requests and Gifting

The alliance will generally fill requests by any member. Please introduce yourself prior to requesting anything - we get some "leeches" who will join an alliance and make repeated requests until kicked out, then join another alliance and repeat. It is considerate, although not required, to mention in chat why you are requesting resources.

As players advance in levels, the resources available to them grows exponentially. What could save a low level player ten days of saving up could be a fifth of what a high level player earns from a single battle. Do not be afraid to request resources! Also, don't gift resources to players significantly higher in level than you, as they have less need for it.

Steel is often in short supply, so you may or may not receive steel when you request it. Gold is limited to 10 gold per person, 30 per day, and requests for gold will normally be ignored.

Requests for troops will normally be filled. Please only fill troop requests of players near or below your own level. When you request troops, you can specify what you want, or leave it open to any troops. You are more likely to receive troops if you also mention what they will be used for. You should always request troops for War attacks. It's common to also request troops for difficult battles, such as GRA bosses or tough KillSwitch levels. You should not be requesting troops at every opportunity and using them for all your battles, however, unless you are reimbursing the donor will oil. Too frequent troop requests will decrease the willingness of other members to donate to you.


There are four ranks in Empires & Alliances. Each rank has the ability to promote/demote/kick members of lower ranks. Promotion to Lieutenant is usually given to players who are active in chat and demonstrate a willingness to work as a team. Promotion to Colonel is generally granted after a significant period of time in the alliance, and experience that demonstrates an understanding of tactics and strategy. Demotions may occur due to extended periods of inactivity. Players should look after all players of lower ranks, providing advice and resources as needed.

  • General - There is only one, Scarab59. As the leader of the alliance, he has the final say in any dispute.
  • Colonel - Colonels may speak on behalf of the General, and direct members in war as required. When in doubt about anything, ask a Colonel.
  • Lieutenant - Lieutenants are expected to monitor recruits. They can mentor and assist new recruits in learning the game and the culture of All Ages.
  • Recruit - New members, regardless of level, are recruits. As a recruit, you have no special abilities or responsibilities, but by participating in chat and wars, you can be promoted to Lieutenant.